The Dreamer Mindset

Juli Colotti
3 min readMay 4, 2022


The World Is A Sandbox — It’s Full Of Opportunities, And Everything Can Be Reshaped

We often see dreamers as these abstract, almost floating creatures, with their minds so far outside the box it’s sometimes hard to follow their train of thought.

And although such people do exist, having a dreamer’s mindset doesn’t have to mean you’re devoid of reality.

These people can be incredibly practical and active, even more so than others.

In this article, we explore this ideology and why it’s more useful than you might think.

The Present

Let’s first talk about what benefits being a dreamer brings to your current state of mind.

Dreamers take nothing as certain and definite.

This is because of their huge imaginations.

So that means that what you currently are and have is just a temporary state of things — everything has the potential to shift at any second.

Whatever negative things are currently happening are not going to be forever.

That way of thinking alone makes you have a more positive outlook on life as a whole.

On the other hand, every single good thing that you see, do or experience in any way is a chance to smile.

It’s a common trait for dreamers to appreciate all aspects of life, again, because of their positive viewpoint on the world.

This doesn’t mean, however, that dreamers are immune to bad things. No one is.

It just means that their way of dealing with them is different.

One thing dreamers should be mindful of when talking about battling life’s challenges is to not keep their heads in the clouds for too long.

Sure, a dream world has its benefits, but one should also pay attention to reality.

Overall, however, dreamers tend to be more positive and therefore more active when it comes to their present.

The Future

So what about the future then, you might ask.

Well, the story isn’t much different here either.

The most integral part of the dreamer mindset is this — the world is full of opportunities.

And that’s a wonderful thing.

Whatever your present, the future is a constantly shifting ether that allows for the chance of even your craziest dreams to become a reality.

And if that’s not a positive outlook on the times ahead, we don’t know what is.

The other thing this mindset provides is actually quite simple — you are your own master, your own architect.

Any and all social norms that make people dread their future simply do not apply to you.

Your mind is free, and as such, your choices are your own and no one else’s.

Overall Qualities

Firstly and most importantly, creativity is nurtured and taken care of with this mindset.

Dreaming gives room for our minds to explore every possibility out there, which makes us realize how big the world is and how much we can do in it.

And this is the perfect breeding ground for ideas.

It’s no wonder that the best writers, musicians, and scientists are dreamers — with this way of thinking, even the sky isn’t a limit.

What comes hand in hand with creativity, though, is action.

No dream can come true if we don’t work for it — and when dreamers set their minds on something, their determination is unsurpassed.

Being ready to really go for what you believe in and give it your best shot is rare in many other ideologies, but here it goes without saying.

And most of the time, that’s exactly what gets you results.

Final Thoughts

So what defines a dreamer?

Anyone that allows themselves to think outside the box, not only concerning the outside world but about themselves, can be considered a dreamer.

They are a peculiar breed of people, in that there is no doubt, but they are also one of the freest individuals out there.

With no self-imposed or societal norms, dreamers recognize and appreciate every possibility the world has to offer.

This, of course, doesn’t make their lives positively pink, but it gives them hope.

Not only that, it’s the best motivation to start changing what you don’t like.

And that’s one surefire way to become who you ultimately want to be.

Ready? Steady? Dream!



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